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  • Secretary General AFTD Badai M Dradjat holds the minute meeting of  SEAGF council meeting that one decision is Tarung Derajat approval as sports category III in SEAGF Charter & Rules
  • Waiting for the results of decisions SEAGF council meeting,
June 4, 2015 at the Fairmont Hotel, Singapore
  • Towards the Fairmont Hotel (June 3, 2015) to monitor SEAGF council meeting
about Tarung Derajat Registration in SEAGF Charter & Rules

Legalization Tarung Derajat In SEAGF Charter & Rules

Attempt to register Tarung Derajat in SEA Games Federation Charter and Rules made since 2010 without interruption and tireless, while PB.KODRAT got an offer from the KOI (Indonesian Olympic Committee) to be contested as sport Exhibition at the Jakarta SEA Games XXVI in 2011. it was greeted enthusiastically, with hopes after appearing as an exhibition sport, then in the next 2013 SEA Games in Myanmar can be officially contested.

The opportunity to perform at the SEA Games Indonesia 2011, like a lighter that burns the spirit and attitude of optimism aspirant Tarung Derajat on the writing Sang Guru at the age of 27 years furthermore to be part of the preamble AD / ART PB.KODRAT, namely:
That The principal lessons of Tarung Derajat are not only for personal interest, but must be benefited to the community with no barrier in area, ethnic, religion, sex and race and within the time Martial Art Sport Science of Tarung Derajat will be able to grow and develop internationally with its specific uniqueness in accommodating interest, channeling talent and hobbies to form personal figure and character which reflects human as its substance. This should be the ideal of every aspirant Tarung Derajat.

Early stage to achieve these goals is a sense optimism of the embodiment coaching and sports development of Tarung Derajat as a sport achievement based on the National Sports System Laws (UU SKN) is implemented and directed to achieve sporting achievements at local, national, and international. Next is the choice to be a man who has a value of honor that become part of Indonesian society which acts to disseminate the noble values of Indonesian culture to the international community. And the perspective of the challenges and obstacles in carrying out the process to achieve the goal of having the intelligence and awareness that devotion is a process activities performed continuously and sustainably in line with gait family life, society, nation, state, religion, and God Almighty. As the last stage is the Politeness or working steps, effort and action touch of Tarung Derajat board members against conscience, brain, and muscle shareholders Indonesian sports authorities to have confidence that Tarung Derajat is work of the nation that should be supported and must be fought its presence in the world.

So as to have the moral attitude we can agree that for ourselves, challenges and difficulties, demands and needs are not and do not become barriers and obstacles absolute, but as something that could provide expensive valuable experience and high-value of life.

Finally we realized over the Grace of God Almighty, Tarung Derajat has been officially declared and registered as category III sports in the SEA Games Federation Charter & Rules, which passed in the SEA Games Federation Council Meeting dated June 4, 2015, at the Fairmont Hotel, Singapore.