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  • Medical check-up activities are carried out one day before the game
  • Contingent from the country of Vietnam entered the game field
  • Contingent from the country of Malaysia entered the game field
  • Indonesian contingent was represented by two teams, that team A and team B
  • Sang Guru Tarung Derajat, Datuk Osman Nok represent of President Malaysia
TD Federation, and Mrs. Vice President represent of President Vietnam TD Federation in opening ceremony SouthEast Asia Regional
  • Implementation of the Match
  • Implementation of the Match
  • Implementation of the Match

Tarung Derajat Southeast Asia Regional Championship 2014 Denpasar – Bali, Indonesia

On 12-14 December 2014, The Center Institution of Tarung Derajat and PB.KODRAT (Indonesia Tarung Derajat Federation) has implemented The Tarung Derajat Southeast Asia Regional Championship 2014 in Denpasar-Bali, Indonesia. This event was followed by three countries, ie: Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Indonesia Tarung Derajat Federation sends two team for this event, having previously sent invitations letter to Tarung Derajat federations in southeast asian countries who expressed a desire to be participation but still hit the departure of participants in terms of cost or Tarung Derajat Regional Championship schedule concurrently with the implementation of the national sport event in the country.

The implementation of Tarung Derajat Southeast Asia Regional Championship 2014 has a strong legal basis in the implementation of regional sport activities, that is :
a. To run a sustainability of Tarung Derajat Sports in Southeast Asia Federation after we have successfully competed as a demonstration sport in the 26th SEA Games 2011 in Jakarta.
b. Remind to the Tarung Derajat Federation Committee in southeast asia country for their promise to jointly fight for Tarung Derajat become an official sport at SEA Games.
c. The means test match for the Tarung Derajat athlete (petarung) in Southeast Asian countries.

Tarung Derajat Southeast Asia Open Championship 2014 contested 7 (seven) class event, consist of :

5 (five) class event Tarung Bebas Putra (Male Free Fight class), ie :
• 55,1 kg – 59 kg
• 59,1 kg – 63 kg
• 63,1 kg – 67 kg
• 67,1 kg – 71 kg
• 71,1 kg – 75 kg

2 (two) class event Tarung Bebas Putri (Female Free Fight class), ie :
• 45,1 kg – 50 kg
• 50,1 kg – 54 kg