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Logo Asian Federation Tarung Derajat
  • Atmosphere Opening Session Establishment of the Asian Federation of Tarung Degrees (AFTD) which was attended by eight countries
  • Opening speech from the host of Declaration AFTD which is also a representative of the Tarung Derajat Centre Institution, Mr. Badai Meganagara Dradjat
  • A speech Mrs. Rita Subowo as Chairman of KOI, promised to help the utmost Tarung Derajat development especially in Southeast Asia, and hope this sport can be grown not only in Southeast Asia but also in the Asian continent
  • Lt Gen. Alfan Baharudin when introducing themselves to the assembly delegates, then the decision of the council meeting raised him as President for AFTD 2015-2019 period
  • Preparation of the signing of the Declaration of the Establishment of AFTD (Asian Federation of Tarung Derajat)
  • The signing of the Declaration of AFTD by eight national federations Tarung Derajat southeast Asian countries, namely: Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and  Philippines
  • Sang Guru Tarung Derajat, G.H. Achmad Dradjat and KOI Chairman, Mrs. Rita Subowo in AFTD Declaration signed as a witness to the formation of the Federation of Asian Tarung Derajat
  • Eight delegates southeast Asian countries have committed to bring Tarung Derajat as a sport that can be officially competed in events at asia


On March 7, 2015 has implemented the establishment of The Asian Federation of Tarung Derajat  Management Committee, held at the Grand Pasundan Hotel, Bandung-West Java, Indonesia. The meeting was attended by eight (8) National Tarung Derajat Federation of Southeast Asian countries, namely: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam. Eight National Tarung Derajat Federation  present at the invitation of Center Institution of Tarung Derajat, which refers to the SEA Games Charter & Rules Article 34.4 and 34.6 which states the registration of a new sport at the SEA Games Charter & Rules must be done by a form of asia federation management level or above. So on the basis of the regulation is necessary to establish management Tarung Derajat Asia.

The Establishment Assembly of Management Committee Asia Federation of Tarung Derajat (AFTD), witnessed by Mrs. Rita Subowo as Chairman of the Indonesian NOC (KOI) who also gave her speech and promised to help the her best for Tarung Derajat development, especially in Asia. She hope this sport can be grown not only in southeast asia but also in asia continental.

After the signing of the Declaration of AFTD (Asian Federation of Tarung Degrees) been implemented, the assembly continued with the election of President the AFTD and the establishment of management structure AFTD the period 2015-2019, with the prospective chairman is Lt Gen. (ret) M. Alfan Baharudin who is also the President of PB.KODRAT (Tarung Derajat Indonesia Federation).Furthermore, The Centre Institution of Tarung Derajat has also submitted the draft Statutes and Bylaws  AFTD to the Assembly for a refined and validated.

By the council’s authority, so the council which consist the national committee representatives of Tarung Derajat from each Asian countries, have attended this meeting and state that :

1.    Receiving and appoint Lt Gen. M. Alfan Baharudin as President of AFTD for 2015-2019 periode;

2.    Receiving and authorizing board of AFTD committee, which has been proposed by Centre Institution of Tarung Derajat to officially declare as AFTD Committee for 2015-2019 periode as attach;

3.    Authorizing draft of AFTD Statute and Bylaws proposed by Centre Institution of Tarung Derajat for declared and enacted as AFTD Statute and Bylaws.

Further, it is the commitment of the management AFTD formed and the member states that formed it to develop Tarung Derajat to Asia and International level.The initial step to be performed by the President of AFTD is immediately register Tarung Derajat in SEAGF Charter and Rules as sport category III.