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Center Institution of Tarung Derajat

Brief of Development Organization and Tarung Bebas Performance

At first Tarung Derajat is just a way to fighting which created by Achmad Dradjat for protect his self from violence which inhuman and no moral. Along with retook, upholding, and increasing the honor of personal and family. From G.H. Achmad Dradjat morality in his life cycle, emerge a nickname for him that is AA BOXER. AA BOXER is become a prima mark that he has been success to create a technique, tactic, endurance strategic, and self-defense which is ...practical and effective” in fighting to survive, to strength, and to benefited the leash of life which have a honor and look after the humanity

After G.H. Achmad Dradjat (AA BOXER) promulgate founding of ...Perguruan Beladiri BOXER” in 18 July 1972, at Bandung City – West Java.Now, it is known as ...PERGURUAN PUSAT TARUNG DERAJAT”. That founding is prima mark that officially emergence of martial art which has name ...TARUNG DERAJAT”.

Continuity of activities in Perguruan Pusat Tarung Derajat which are consists of education, training, implementing, mastering, and dedication. Initially, that is allocated for members, aspirants, and coach in Tarung Derajat. Over time, emerge a challenge that this martial art should be able to appear in championship competition. So, in 1988 for the first time Perguruan Pusat Tarung Derajat held ”Tarung Bebas AA BOXER Cup I Championship” which is participated by 36 fighter from 4 province that are West Java, West Sumatera, Bali, and Western Lesser Sundas, in simple event and free rule of game. Tarung Bebas AA BOXER Cup Championship is held in twice each year until 1997.

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