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Center Institution of Tarung Derajat

  • Sang Guru Tarung Derajat G.H Achmad Dradjat
  • Sang Guru Tarung Derajat G.H Achmad Dradjat
  • Sang Guru Tarung Derajat G.H Achmad Dradjat

Awareness, Shrewdness, and Politeness (part II)

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The society demands are not straight of carried out, because there is a constraint in institution which is organized on education and training activities. So, the activities are distribution of hobby in training martial art. In addition, the martial art’s knowledge is not sufficient yet because it did not have training systematic which is unequal to the training. Beside it, Achmad Dradjat within it self is still have high emotional.

Aware to the society demands surrounding him and his weakness. So, Achmad Dradjat tries to be able to purify his soul and mind at rest from all complication. Then Achmad Dradjat expands his social intercourse in his environment with various society classes and study carefully in various disciplines in all life discourses. Then study carefully in religion discourses which is become the priority that in order to self-improvement, knowledge, and awareness. At the same time, he goes the whole hog to makes and creates training systematic which better and better until getting education systematic and training which is well-constructed in martial arts upload their work.

Emergence of Tarung Derajat is legitimate in 18 July 1972 marked by the emergence of Perguruan Pusat Tarung Derajat which has functioned as a place or institution of AA boxer with many activities in order to developing, improving, and practicing the knowledge and awareness in martial arts upload their work. Beside it, that constructed moral and mental of the members. And it constructs Tarung Derajat organization.