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  • Martial Tarung Derajat Can Be Learned Since Childhood
  • Martial Tarung Derajat Can Be Learned Since Childhood

Reflect Movement as complement of life which given by the One and Only God

Did you ever have this experience. When your little brother/sister is playing then you took his toy. He/she will retake the toy. But if you are resist to not giving the toy. He/she will keep his toy or he/she will hit you bravely. Whether

When you were kid, you played in the field then comes a dog which chased you. Because you afraid and nervous, you ran as fast as you can to go home safely. Whether

When someone in a rainy day or dangerous. He/she will jump into the river without think twice then he/she willsdrowning death because he/she has not swimming skill.That is daily events unexpected and maybe we were ever experienced one of the case.

From the previous cases that can be observe, our little brother/sister who still a kid can hit his brother/sister because his toy has taken over. Although, there is no anyone whose teach him/her about how to punch. Whether, a kid who suddenly has a power for running to go home safely because the dog chased the kid, is an example of reflect movement in self-defenses context.

But in case of a man who jumps into the river to avoid dangerous, then he drowning death is an example of untrained reflect movement which is causing disadvantage to us.

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